SciamuContinues the conquest of the world by Pinched int'allù Core CJS.

The Theatre Company Ionic Salentino, It manufactures and supports one of the most versatile band scene popular Ionic / Salento. After the great success in Russia, with two concerts in Moscow e uno a Dmitrov, and the stage of La Notte della Taranta, the Pizzicati, led by Valerio Manisi, They will perform at a major festival in Switzerland 14 November 2015: the Tarantacaffe, within the prestigious Teatro Burghof by Lörrach. Together with their, on the same stage, Maria Mazzotta and Antonio Castrignanò.

The Pizzicati propose a whole new project, being guided by the spirit of “tradinnovazione”, inserting in traditional songs news, freshness and originality; It is strengthened moreover with the execution of new songs of their composition. All this through a careful study of their land of birth, Grottaglie, It located in the province of Taranto and the skill and professionalism of the members, as the master Claudio de Victor, moreover author of some songs, Bruno Galeone, Domenico Nisi, Stefano Scatigna, Domenico Pignatelli and, for the event Swiss are added Cosimo Shepherd and David Chiarelli.

Thanks to their euphoria and overwhelming sound, the Pizzicati represent today one of the most interesting bands and innovative in the panorama of World Music; involving hundreds of people to leave “pinch” by the power of their music.

"Yet another important milestone for our Canzoniere." Declares Manisi "Today, as ever, we are experiencing a real growth phase; many plans for the future, among which the prospect of new foreign dates, and the output of a new album, first work identity for Pizzicati, by title: Sciamu!.”

Grottaglie, to 10.11.2015