degustazione-letteraria“Loving your country, their land, respect the origins and feel part of it, means to enhance their own territory and the many resources it offers. Believe in what you do and in the place where you live, especially for those who remained or returned to “cultivate” certain objectives, Despite this historical moment we appear tiring, index, however, is to want to improve and embark on a path of growth caught the development of new and innovative ideas and emphasize those that already are distinguished by excellence. Why we love Puglia.”

This was the essence of the event “Fave e… sheets”, held Friday 3 October 2014 Dressed in the beautiful surroundings of the house, in the pottery district of Grottaglie and organized by Andrea Comet creator of the circuit “The City of Ceramics”.
The title of the event – tasting literary “Fave e… sheets”, arises from a mixture of ironic words that explain the idea in a nutshell, strongly supported, to embrace the culture and flavors of our land.
Culture represented, not only from the picturesque place that hosted the event, full of love and passion in the ceramic tradition grottagliese, but also by the actions taken by Francesca Frisa (Pres. Proloco Grottaglie), Francesco Donatelli (vice Pres. Gal Hills Joniche) and literary projects presented with the same passion for his roots Puglia, professionalism and a pinch of healthy and constructive lightness by Rossella Tarquinio (Ink drawing of Puglia) and the Authors: Alessandra Macchitella (with “Donne tra le righe, letters from a nineteenth-century Taranto”) e Nicky Persico (with “Spaghetti Heaven”).
Recipe of essential prelude to an epilogue special tasting, with hot and genuine Fave, chicory and onions prepared by Daniela (Restaurant “The Basilian”), accompanied by wines from the Winery Primitivo and Negroamaro Andrisano.
Interesting and excellent initiative proposal, with the goal that others will follow events like this, with the participation of all: who does not let himself be influenced by adverse weather conditions; for those who want to eat something different and not just in terms of typical; for those who love to mingle with people; of those who are just curious to see what's new in the Grottaglie.

A hug goes to David Simeone author “Rewind”, absent for personal reasons. A big salute goes instead to Michele Galgano (Ink Puglia).

Soon, the next