PremiazioneDay 6 February 2015, at the Hall of the Campidoglio in Rome, with patronage of the Italian Senate, the Italian National Commission for UNESCO and the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism, with the collaboration of the Documentation Center of Dialect Poetry 'Vincenzo Scarpellino and the International Centre' Eugenio Montale ', was held the award ceremony of the 3rd edition of National Award 'Michele Benettazzo'.

The Commission, composed of excellence in the field, has considered the thesis discussed in 2014 Italian universities, operations concerning 'The role dell'UNPLI in tourism and in society'. A job that involved the cooperation with the Regional Committee UNPLI National UNPLI Veneto.

In the presence of Tullio De Mauro, Italian linguist; the national president Claudio UNPLI Nardocci; Professor Peter Gibellini (Ca 'Foscari University of Venice); Dr.. Bruno Manzi, President Legautonomie Lazio; Mrs Michela De Blasio; composer Toni Cosenza, poeta Franco Act, Professor Tor Vergata of Teaching Cosma Siani, poet and lawyer Vincent Luciani; in addition to the presence of large audience coming from each end of Italy, was met Cinzia Benetazzo with which it is observed a minute of silence for the late Father Michele.

Francesca Cosima Frisa, grottagliese, graduated in March 2014, has dealt with a dissertation in Economics and Management, with the title - The package of Tourist services - Where she played the theme: how to make tourism. Tourism that enhances the tangible and intangible assets of the territory grottagliese, from its ceramics, history and culture. Not only, were treated dynamics eno, Mediterranean Diet, Marketing of the Territory, Marketing Mix, Tourism Marketing Online, tourist offers, tour packages. As chair of the Pro Loco of Grottaglie, mentioned the work and role constant and capillary, that the association offers tourists. Were, in addition to, highlighted the sociological aspects of the actor-citizen, as an essential part of a good integration between tourism and territory.

Among the eleven graduates, finalists came from all over Italy, the winner Francesca Cosima Frisa distinguished itself among the top three with a Special Mention, for the following reasons: "The work, in various ways, wanted to highlight the contribution made in the territory in the dynamics of development and organization of cultural activities and tourist resorts, integrating the various social aspects, economic and tourism, with the network of actors that interface in structuring cultural territory ".

Our congratulations to Francesca!