The appointment was at 15:00 in the district of ceramics.
The sun was warm, the silence of the streets from afternoon nap only allowed to hear our footsteps that were in the forward mode 'post-digestion' and 'pre-heating excursion' and we were ready to welcome the group of centaurs supermotorizzati visiting our city.
We saw the bike that addobbavano a half Via Crispi but their, no trace.
We have then located in a nearby restaurant, 'Scattered' around on chairs and tables and between the beneficial and satisfied with the smile of one who has tasted the local cuisine brought in more than abundant.
Canons twenty minutes of 'I resume' before departing for the first leg: the Cave of Fantiano.
During the journey, We enjoyed the scenery of the first afternoon almost placid summer with vineyards, the centuries-old olive trees, the smells of all kinds of flowering bushes and still no grass parched by the Sun of June.
Gone over the entrance to the Cave bar, the scenario is wide open with its spectacular mausoleums of Tuff and nature now gripped them, inviting us to penetrate the natural amphitheatre between the looks surprised at all, hands armed with photographic devices and some of the nice places in the shade requirement for only one of them!
Restarted the engines, in a few minutes we reached the goal of the second stage, not to be missed for its size and for its 'structure' scenic remained unchanged for centuries: the Gravina Riggio.
One of 'The Masks' of Acquaviva delle Fonti (the name of the Club motorized), has been unsheathed their distinctive flag, making her proudly waving high along the route.
They could not wait to see the famous waterfall of Grottaglie, which at one time had heard of Telenorba, and exceeded: a small initial ford of the river that flows down to the ravine; the Rocky trail and some clinging to some impervious stone wall; Wildlife is hum insectivorous ' and ' uccellifera ' of the place.. We came to one of close-ups of gravina, from where you can see the waterfall and the large cavity of caves with their giant niches inhabited by plants of capers.
The scenic beauty have captured every one of us and from there, the urge to ' stop ' those moments group poses trying to make us get inside the lens all natural space can.
Hi guys. Until next time!!!

We thank the Proloco di Grottaglie and the Macchià Association for the collaboration and interaction with the circuit