guided tours in collaboration with Grott'Art, Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 August to discover Grottaglie, The city of ceramics

Here the tourist's handbook of Orecchiette nelle ‘nchiosce

logo_orecchietteArt, ceramic, theater and orecchiette. this is the Red string the guide for tourists who choose to participate in Orecchiette nelle ‘nchiosce 2016.

For two days, Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 August, you can visit Grottaglie (TA), Ceramics famous city and discover or rediscover his treasures so, facts of churches, caves and ravines.

With the collaboration of Grott'Art, to 17:30 a guided tour will take visitors throughout the tour by giving an opportunity to admire this territory from a new point of view.

Obligatory stop the Quartiere delle Ceramiche, unique in the world, where you cantornio witness the lathe machining of a master and enjoy the magic of his hands with a few taps shaping a piece of clay, transforming it into an artifact of incredible perfection. Inoltre, It will go to scoperta of underground caves used in oil mills and observe how some have, despite the weather, conservato some of the original features.

DSCN2659For Orecchiette in 'nchiosce will open its doors Casa Vestita, jewel of history and culture, guarded with love by the potter Dressed Mimmo and his wife Maria. In the garden you can admire the capasoni, large containers that were used to store and transport wine and oil. Inside, Dressed home houses a recently discovered medieval cave church, exceptional artistic testimony of the XIII century.

Among the destinations of the tour also impressive Bishop's Castle Medieval age, wanted by Archbishop Giacomo D'atria, lord of Grottaglie, to whom we owe also the city walls, The three entrance doors and the building up of the Church in the Matrix 1297. The castle now houses, in the stables, the museum of ceramics divided into sections: by archaeological findings to the works of our days. castellobassa

Another stop the Sanctuary dedicated to compulsory San Francesco De Geronimo, hometown of Grottaglie, the Jesuit saint who lived and worked in Naples in 1600 preaching in the worst areas.

For information and to participate in the tour guides you can call the number 3423125196 or send an email to

E le SERE 17 e 18 August will celebrate the great feast in Orecchiette 'nchiosce: 12 chef and 12 All dishes can be enjoyed in the charming old town of Grottaglie, between music and excellent wine.

Between a plate of orecchiette and the other, in Serbia still many side events such as the exhibition at the Art Gallery Palazzo De Felice curated by Adina The Assainato entitled The woman who will become. Twelve figures of women's art, literature and cinema, choices, interpreted and lived for twelve ordinary women and then represented by the artist Maria Teresa Rosa

And there's more.

Alle 22 the atrium at Bishop's Castle, happening the shows offered by the national circuit Teatroxcasa in Collaborazione with CIOs. Mercoledì 17 August scheduled performances by Fabio Cicchiello Opinions of the common man (for reservations The next night, Thursday 18 August on the scene Murgia, Michele Sinisi (for reservations