Conference at the IAT of Taranto, giov 29 May 2014. Press release., are coming the big names of tourism.
Born portal Even National Geographic will tell the territory of GAL Colline Joniche.

There is another Italy, quella del turismo verde e che guarda alla Puglia come nuova destinazione da scoprire. Proprio la zona di Taranto, patria degli itinerari emozionali del portale che ora coinvolgono anche Basilicata e Calabria, cerca di trasmettere un chiaro messaggio: il problema ambientale c’è ma è limitato e sotto controllo. Si volta pagina, then, and the results start coming in with pages of national newspapers that talk about it, such as the Nation and the Resto del Carlino, The Day, and many other major newspapers. The territorial marketing strategy, and the journeys of interest, were presented during the press conference with the participation of:
Rocky Malatesta, GAL Colline Joniche Director
Maria Pia Ettorre, Councillor for Culture of the City of Grottaglie
Angelo Palmisano, Councillor for Territorial Marketing of the City of Ceglie
Antonio La Grotta, President of the Consortium Ceramisti
Andrea Cometa, creator of the portal
In this context of value, in fact, you insert the potentially strategic role of Grottaglie and the Exhibition of Ceramics that, also through the new portal, as well as with the birth took place a few months ago Consortium Ceramisti, become more and more accessible for tourists.

The action of the GAL Hills Joniche is a stimulus to the growth of the area and includes actions of promotion of tourism potential, to start right from the capital of ceramics: Grottaglie. As part of these activities, the expert in computer science Andrea Cometa he presented the idea of ​​the circuit connected to the portal, from idea to realization, emphasizing the important objectives aimed at developing economic-cultural and that can be achieved by involving potters, accommodation, restaurateurs and associations in the area.