An excellent initiative targata ink Puglia, We invite all members of the circuit The City of Ceramics to consider this idea, we network with #inchiostrodipuglia.

<< A new challenge in the area, on the enhancement and promotion of excellence in Puglia, the ability to reinvent and find beauty in an ethical manner, starting from the bottom. >>

From libraries to accommodation: the new bet of ink Puglia

#lapugliadinvernoIn December many hotels and bed&breakfast Puglia welcome their guests with a gift, a copy of the successful anthology of short stories. Because Puglia is beautiful to see and to visit all year round
It's called #lapugliadinverno the new initiative launched by ink Puglia, the community of writers, Readers and cultural operators and tourist brainchild of Michael Galgano.

Born as a literary blog, Ink Puglia has become in less than two years, the catalyst of hundreds of cultural events and then a book revealed a small but significant literary event. The underlying principles, however, are still the same: encourage reading, enhancing the area of ​​Puglia, demonstrate that making the network and from the bottom you can get great results ethically.

The anthology "Ink di Puglia" has so far been sold in bookstores participating in the project, bypassing the distribution network and choosing to give up the sale on the platforms of online megastore. A choice apparently suicidal and ahistorical - motivated by the desire to help libraries, considered true social outposts in the territory - but rewarded by a great success: the first edition of the book is sold out in less than three months.

Now Ink Di Puglia is ready for a new challenge: put the book available to the accommodation, making network with many movements common the desire to contribute to the seasonal adjustment of the region's territory. "Our book is a tour guide, but a kind of emotional map "says Galgano. "Nothing suggested itineraries or restaurant reviews but perfumes, flavors, landscapes, sensations and feelings contained in thirty stories. A glimpse deep, authentic and unusual that I think is the best calling card for our region ".

Through the eyes of various authors is a vision of the complex and multifaceted Puglia. Reading and tourism together to promote a land of exceptional beauty: an assist valuable for accommodation. "Do not let the story of Puglia remains a tale only summer", is the invitation of Michael Galgano. "In a few months around the project Ink Puglia has compacted a strong community of lovers of the territory, audience, curious, all united by the desire to listen to what the Puglia has to tell. L’invito a Expo 2015 It allowed us to cross national borders, intercept important reality of Puglia in the world. Now we want to put all this potential available land, providing the facilities that will take the initiative to marry the work done so far ".

If in the case of the libraries, the aim was to support local activities put a strain on the current situation of “Book System”, con bed and breakfast, hotel promotion organization will try now to open the doors to cultural tourism.