Ink PugliaGreat success for the second edition of "The Ink Night di Puglia" in Grottaglie. protagonists of the evening, held on 24 Last April at the coworking Liberalie, were the writer Alessandra Macchitella and the writer and journalist Silvano Trevisani, who have submitted their writings and offered their reflections on the difficult cultural situation of our South. The actor and writer Valerio Manisa then moved and amused the audience by reciting poems and opening the dances of what is one of the most characteristic moments of the evening, ie reading from the audience of literary texts. The organizers of the fort grottagliese, in fact they have revived the format of last year. During "The Night of Puglia Ink" anyone can become star of the evening and defend the literary fort, by reading a passage from your favorite book and offering the listener an idea for reflection, debate, comparison, a spark, in other words, to try to talk about culture. And among the many issues a special place had the 25 April and the memory of the Resistance on the values ​​of which underpin our society.Ink Puglia
"The Night of Puglia Ink" is an initiative launched by the eponymous blog devised by Michael Galgano and from which it is then in a book, "Ink di Puglia", appunto (published by Caraco Publisher), anthology composed of thirty-five short stories of various kinds that tell the Puglia on a journey aboard a apecar (enters mess). This is an initiative that aims to subvert an alarming fact in our region, namely that of the low number of readers. A fact that makes the Puglia region that reads less throughout the national territory. "The Night of Puglia" Ink for one evening wants to transform the town in Puglia in libraries, in collection centers of readers who can meet, discuss and spread the culture of reading, but above all to defend the book, object on which rests the history of ideas and the development of mankind. That's why cities and countries that adhere to the initiative become "literary forts", ideal sites of resistance, outposts against the cultural desert in which lurk in ambush barbarism, superficiality and contempt. Ink PugliaGrottaglie response to the call for the second consecutive year, citizens have participated with conviction, curiosity and joy and, although we are aware that it is not enough one evening to controvertire the alarming data on the reading in Italian, It remains an encouraging development, which bodes well.
The event was organized by the Grottaglie South Movement in collaboration with the Association of Change Tembo and Arci Grottaglie, while the association of social promotion spot to the occasion he prepared a room for kids.Inchiostro di Puglia baby

La Notte di Inchiostro di Puglia 2016