"Knowing that the CESVIR - Economy and Development Center Italo-Russian - among countless artistic and cultural proposals coming from the territory of Puglia, has chosen the Theatre Company Ionic Salentino and "Pizzicato int ' allù Core Songbook Jonico Salentino ", to represent the Puglia Region the fifth edition of the Italian Art Festival in Moscow, is certainly a source of pride for the community grottagliese. "

It is with this note that the Mayor by Grottaglie, Wrn. Ciro Alabrese, presents and supports the Russia that the Pinched int'allù Core CJS they will face from 9 to the 14 December 2014 for the Italian art festival Suggestions of Puglia - Garden International Arts. An important economic and cultural exchange that the CESVIR, every year, organized in December in a different city of the institutional Russia. The famous Canzoniere submitted by Pinched int'allù Core CJS, directed by Valerio Manisi, will represent the Puglia and, especially, Grottaglie and the area Jonica.

"It is a great honor for us!” – State Reproachful, band leader of "Pizzicati" – "Our Canzoniere certainly worth a trip like this. After years of sacrifice, studio, tradition, innovation and dedication, we can give voice, once again at the international level, a complex area and often forgotten. One area that has enormous artistic potential, penalized by its industrialization tarantina serious condition. "

There are three concerts planned: the 11 and 12 in the capital, a Moscow, and 13 a Dmitrov.

Sciamu in Russia"is the name of the project that Pinched int'allù Core CJS created especially for the occasion ... title the preamble of a new single unpublished, entitled "Sciamu!”, and output of a new product record.

Go on Reproachful: "Sincere thanks goes to the Director of CESVIR, Dr.. Rocky Malatesta, for having followed our Canzoniere and for having deemed worthy of this important journey. We also thank, for the support received, Mr. Francesco Fasano CNF, who proudly represent the traditional ceramic grottagliese, and Mr. Oronzo Fornaro of EuroNet who will represent the technological innovation. "

President of the Society of Theatre Jonico Salentino Valerio Manisi

Pizzicati int'allù Core CJS