Гротталье это небольшой, по российским меркам, городок в провинции Таранто, один из множества апулийских поселений, drowning in olive groves and vineyards, but by its unique. It was built on the land, dotted

deep gorges, grottoes. Center it completely carved in stone. The name itself Гротталье comes from the Latin Kriptalys, that underscores the caves in large parts of the city. Гротталье located in the northern part of Salento on the slopes of Monte Pitsuto.

At the top of the hill, in the historic center of the city, is Bishop's Palace (CastleEpiscopio) dating from the end of XIV century. Despite his advanced age, it still “alive”. After extensive restoration 80s, Palace takes its the walls of many artistic and cultural events. In the old stables of the castle houses the Museum of Ceramics, collection which has exhibits, dating VIII century BC. Halls are divided into thematic sections, devoted to archeology, modern and traditional ceramics, and, at last, annual exhibition of nativity scenes.

Гротталье – pottery center Puglia, He is known throughout the world for the production of artistic ceramics, who have been since ancient times a traditional activity of its inhabitants. Craft centuries passed on from father to son, in 1887 year Гротталье School was established, now the State Institute of Arts, trained more than one generation of masters of pottery, graffiti, painters and decorators. In the heart of the old Гротталье you can stroll through the picturesque "ceramic quarter", Pestryaev colorful products. Shops, attracting tourists, are arranged next to each other, where you can uvidit unique ceramics. Some of them are preserved old kiln, and if you're lucky, in the family workshop can be seen in the work of the potter's wheel, as deft hand of the master before your eyes transform a piece of clay in the creation of the artist. One of the most interesting places to visit near the town – Park "Caves Fantiano".

Incredible natural landscape now holds open-air theater , created on the site of an old quarry. B 50-70 years of the twentieth century it was the site of intensive extraction of construction materials – blocks of tuff and sand, and later used as an illegal dump. In the park Fantiano

A great number of caves - places of ancient settlements, and the steep limestone walls - the handiwork of man, undoubtedly determine its unusual architectural style. Open-air theater annually takes on its stage international festival of ethnic music "MusicMundi"And other cultural events.

Between walks through the historic center and excursions do not miss the chance to sample the local cuisine. Be sure to try local snacks, mashed beans with chicory, orekkette inches with turnips or tripe in tomato sauce… mmmmm… You will not regret!