This small rock church was brought to light in 2008 during the work year in the garden of the house of Mr. Dressed, one of the potters the best known of Grottaglie. In a small cave, covered with earth and stones, was found an oven to cook the food that, as it turned out, has never been used.

This discovery was not the only, because it was hidden behind the oven partially destroyed a structure of worship - a church dating from the late thirteenth century. From a simple plant, is characterized by three arches resting on four columns to form pseudo spiral. In the central has kept the image of Christ Blessing with the open book in his left hand, while in the side apses you can admire the face of St. Nicholas and Santa Barbara. The iconographic style is typical of the thirteenth-century frescoes, found in the territory of the Principality of Taranto. On the ceiling in front of the altar we see a circular depression with a cross in relief inside that is the distinguishing feature of the liturgical space. During excavations, in the underground cave were found the objects in ceramic vintage, a bronze cross with carving on greek, a bronze pendant on which is represented in the architecture of the cave church; and, in addition to, eight coins, two of which are coins dating to the Crusader 1290 and 1321.