Hannibal Trani Ceramics

The family tradition begins in Trani 1860 with Michele Trani, then passes to his son Hannibal and then to his son Salvatore and now continues with the young Hannibal.
Hannibal Trani, young ceramist with already a lot of experience behind, experience in various industry events, is aware of belonging to grottaglie ceramic tradition. Being tied to the tradition, however, has not prevented from understanding the significance of the mix of old and new, and between different cultures, thanks to the numerous studies and travels in various cities of ceramics in Italy and in the world. He calls it "The art of ceramics is an asset for the city of Grottaglie. A world where tradition still has a very important role, where each object is unique, where the quality is absolute. It is difficult to combine the artistic with the commercial needs of the market: the time and costs are not the same, but resist the desire to be attached to Tradition, to its artisan craftsmanship and non-serial products ".
The activity of this craft workshop consists of working in a traditional style and grottagliese in the conception and creation of new forms and colors.
A traditional potter open to experimentation.

Via Crispi – pottery – District 74023 Grottaglie
T. 0039 3476922965 – email: cat.trani@libero.it