Waking up in the morning thinking and thinking about how beautiful and undervalued your territory, chat with friends, peers and not, often focusing attention on a subject that is dear to many. Talk about a beautiful city, our Grottaglie: The City of Ceramics!
A city with a rare feature: a neighborhood devoted entirely to the master potters in their workshops where the vibrancy and colors are the masters, a few steps from the sea and an enchanting landscape rock, with ravines and Mediterranean scrub that dominate the”shadow” that comes from the south-west!

Think and rethink, continuing to ask “Why is that?” the “Why not here?” with the desire inside you to know your territory, your roots, give smiles and amazement to those who say: “I never imagined that here was so nice” or “What a beautiful Puglia!”… and pride through because you have said here in Grottaglie.

And then the question changes, or rather changes the way you put it and ask yourself, change the mindset, revolutions of the approach and begin to wonder: “What can I do for my territory?”. Too easy to point the finger,it…

January 2013: I travel for work, I searched with my netbook to host some of my colleagues who would come in for a conference Taranto, I find information but I feel that something is missing. There is no glue, and then I wonder what they would do during the afternoon and after the conference… And then it starts to get under the necessity.

We have everything you need, missing only a brand that can identify and, above all, lacks the spirit that can move us to collaborate and create synergy.
The 29 March 2014 was officially launched portal, is not quite complete and there are still a lot of information that will be added little by little.

What matters is that the interest is high and there are many appreciations. The response on social networks has not been slow to arrive and even requests for information via email.

A breve, with the first member associations to the circuit, organize a conference to present the project at all.

A hug