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Orecchiette nelle ‘nchiosce 2016, a handbook for TuRISa

guided tours in collaboration with Grott'Art, Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 August to discover Grottaglie, The city of ceramics
Here is the Handbook of the tourist in Orecchiette 'nchiosce
Art, ceramic, theater and orecchiette. This is the common thread of the guide for tourists who choose to attend in Orecchiette 'nchiosce 2016.
For two days, Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 August, you can visit Grottaglie (TA), Ceramics famous city and discover or rediscover his treasures so, facts of churches, caves and ravines.
With the collaboration Grott'Art, to 17:30 a guided tour will take visitors throughout the tour by giving an opportunity to admire this territory from a new point of view.
Obligatory stop the District of Ceramics, unique in the world, where you can watch the potter's wheel of a master and enjoy the magic of his hands with a few taps shaping a piece of clay, transforming it into an artifact of […]

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La Notte di Inchiostro di Puglia: great success in Grottaglie

Great success for the second edition of "The Ink Night di Puglia" in Grottaglie. protagonists of the evening, held on 24 Last April at the coworking Liberalie, were the writer Alessandra Macchitella and the writer and journalist Silvano Trevisani, who have submitted their writings and offered their reflections on the difficult cultural situation of our South. The actor and writer Valerio Manisa then moved and amused the audience by reciting poems and opening the dances of what is one of the most characteristic moments of the evening, ie reading from the audience of literary texts. The organizers of the fort grottagliese, in fact they have revived the format of last year. During "The Night of Puglia Ink" anyone can become star of the evening and defend the literary fort, by reading a passage from your favorite book and offering the listener an idea for reflection, debate, by […]

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Grottaglie 1961: “revolution for San Ciro”

A story in which he was indirectly involved the church of San Francesco di Paola and that is the last popular uprising town, He is experienced in early February 1961, at the conclusion of the feast of the patron S. Ciro, whose statue, which is carried in procession, It is preserved precisely in a niche of the church of the Vincentians. The statue had been made to realize in the early years of the twentieth century by the Confraternity of the Rosary, then he located in the church of the Least, following the demolition site of the oratory in Piazza Regina Margherita in 1875, and here it remained even after the return of the Least and after the passage of the same brotherhood in a different location. It took only an attempt made by the archpriest of the time, tarantino D.Nicola Di Comite innovate regarding the translation of the final statue, arranging the return of the same not to the church of the Vincentians, where traditionally the procession ended, but the […]

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Sciami in Switzerland

Continues the conquest of the world by Pizzicati int'allù Core CJS.

La Compagnia del Teatro Jonico Salentino, It manufactures and supports one of the most versatile band scene popular Ionic / Salento. After the great success in Russia, with two concerts in Moscow and one in Dmitrov, and on the stage of La Notte della Taranta, the Pizzicati, led by Valerio Manisa, They will perform at a major festival in Switzerland 14 November 2015: the Tarantacaffe, all'interno del prestigioso Teatro di Burghof Lörrach. Together with their, on the same stage, Maria and Antonio Mazzotta Castrignanò.
The Pizzicati propose a whole new project, being guided by the spirit of “tradinnovazione”, inserting in traditional songs news, freshness and originality; It is strengthened moreover with the execution of new songs of their composition. All this through a careful study of their land of birth, Grottaglie, It located in the province of Taranto and the skill and professionalism of the members, as the […]

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Fave e… Sheets! A success

Thursday 29 It took place in Grottaglie, with considerable success, The second edition of "beans and… Sheets", a "literary taste" that combines the pleasure of reading with the enhancement of the typical products of local gastronomy.
Star of the evening, organized by Circuit “The City of Ceramics”, with the collaboration of coworking Liberalie political and cultural association in South Movement, He was the magazine "The workshop. Laboratory cultures and histories ", published by Editions Edit @. It is a magazine, Birth recent, which deals with culture, history, literatures, arts and current affairs, and that acts as a tool to analyze reality from South.
The evening of Thursday, was attended by the director of the magazine, Silvano Trevisani and Professor Richard Pagano, Professor of General Pedagogy at the University of Bari, coordinator of the university of Taranto and member of the editorial board of the journal, along with Antonio Basile, Rosario Quaranta, […]

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An excellent initiative targata ink Puglia, We invite all members of the circuit The City of Ceramics to consider this idea, we network with #inchiostrodipuglia.
<< A new challenge in the area, on the enhancement and promotion of excellence in Puglia, the ability to reinvent and find beauty in an ethical manner, starting from the bottom. >>
From libraries to accommodation: the new bet of ink Puglia
In December many hotels and bed&breakfast Puglia welcome their guests with a gift, a copy of the successful anthology of short stories. Because Puglia is beautiful to see and to visit all year round
It's called #lapugliadinverno the new initiative launched by ink Puglia, the community of writers, Readers and cultural operators and tourist brainchild of Michael Galgano.
Born as a literary blog, Ink Puglia has become in less than two years, the catalyst of hundreds of cultural events and then a book revealed a […]

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La provincia di Taranto a La Notte della Taranta

Per la prima volta, in diciotto anni di storia di uno dei più grandi e importanti Festival del mondo, “La Notte della Taranta”, una delle band storiche dell’Area Jonica dell’Alto Salento, nella provincia di Taranto, salirà sull’importante palco atto alla rivalutazione del repertorio popolare pugliese.

We speak of Pizzicati int'allù Core CJS, Canzoniere town of Grottaglie (Of), che dal 2007 in then he became the artistic director of Valerio Manisa, scrittore e attore Teatrale.

In an evening that includes musically the three provinces that border the Great Salento, They will perform Pizzicati int'allù Core CJS from Taranto, Jazza Banna from Brindisi and Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino Lecce. The 5 So in August, la tradizione e l’innovazione della World Musica salentina, He will perform on the stage of the itinerant stage of "La Notte della Taranta", exactly in the municipality of Carpignano Salentino (The).

“È per noi una vittoria, una soddisfazione!"Says Valerio Manisa, band leader Pizzicati "We were a […]

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Una nuova sede per la Pro Loco di Grottaglie

The Pro Loco of Grottaglie has long been engaged in the implementation of important activities of the territory revaluation, di creazione di offerte turistiche ed eventi di aggregazione tra gli abitanti, in addition to ambitious projects that have engaged in a constant effort aimed at strengthening the quality and diversification of the services provided to the citizens.
The conferment of the office of Pro Loco of Grottaglie, at the new location in via Vittorio Emanuele II in Grottaglie, CIT at the "L’ Acchiatura”, It is due to the synergy between the LAG Joniche Hills and the Municipal Administration, becoming part of the regional network of Puglia Promotion.
La nuova sede assicurerà migliore organizzazione e logistica e – anche attraverso il forte impegno profuso nell&#8217;innovazione della sua infrastruttura tecnologica, inclusa la realizzazione del nuovo sito internet istituzionale, interamente riprogettato – renderà disponibili innovativi servizi di consulenza per garantire il massimo supporto alle esigenze del cittadino e dei turisti.
Between […]

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Premio Nazionale per Autori Teatrali a Valerio Manisi

“Il testo presenta una certa complessità, specchio del tormento interiore del protagonista che vive una vicenda carica di suggestioni, in un continuo rimando all&#8217;interno di luoghi intimi dove si nasconde il mistero dell&#8217;esistenza. Poetico, melanconico, ironico in certi passaggi, il testo è ricco di riflessioni e spunti storici, iconografici e artistici. Nulla è lasciato al caso, ma studiato e intrecciato in maniera elegante e con una grande passione che genera un crescendo di emozioni culminanti in un finale aperto a tante interpretazioni. Il linguaggio risulta coerente con le varie tematiche affrontate e contribuisce a dare al testo una personalità e una struttura solida e meritevole di lode.”

Con questa motivazione, il giovane scrittore grottagliese Valerio Manisi vince il “Premio nazionale per autori teatrali” con la sua commedia “Per Amore del Padre”.

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'Benetazzo Award 2013 – 2014’ assigned to a grottagliese

Day 6 February 2015, at the Hall of the Campidoglio in Rome, with patronage of the Italian Senate, the Italian National Commission for UNESCO and the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism, with the collaboration of the Documentation Center of Dialect Poetry 'Vincenzo Scarpellino and the International Centre' Eugenio Montale ', was held the award ceremony of the 3rd edition of National Award 'Michele Benettazzo'.
The Commission, composed of excellence in the field, has considered the thesis discussed in 2014 Italian universities, operations concerning 'The role dell'UNPLI in tourism and in society'. A job that involved the cooperation with the Regional Committee UNPLI National UNPLI Veneto.
In the presence of Tullio De Mauro, Italian linguist; the national president Claudio UNPLI Nardocci; Professor Peter Gibellini (Ca 'Foscari University of Venice); Dr.. Bruno Manzi, President Legautonomie Lazio; Mrs Michela De Blasio; il compositore […]

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